What is Keronite?

Keronite is a Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation (PEO) surface treatment technology. Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation (also known as PEO, MAO or Micro Arc Oxidation) is an electrochemical surface treatment applied to aluminium, magnesium or titanium.

Components are exposed to liquid electrolyte and an electrical potential is applied to form an oxide-based ceramic. Micron-Sized Plasma discharges are created across the surface of the parts and incorporate elements from the metal surface as well as precisely controlled chemical additions from our proprietary electrolyte.

Unique, tightly controlled ceramic structures are the result and allows Keronite to tailor our solutions to suit many applications. By varying composition and thickness, or by providing a full coating system we have answers to corrosion protection (Keronite Protect), wear resistance (Keronite Endure), dielectric strength (Keronite Power), thermal protection (Keronite Thermal), aesthetic appearance (Keronite Vista) as well as complying with the latest legislative requirements (Keronite Sustain).

Key characteristics

Keronite offers hard, dense ceramic coatings for light alloys which are well adhered, strain and wear tolerant, while giving excellent thermal and chemical stability

  • Chemical stability

    Dense, inert ceramic structure gives excellent chemical stability and corrosion protection.  In excess of 2000 Hrs Salt spray ASTM B117.

  • Thermal management

    Thermal transmission or thermal barrier can be provided by varying composition of the coating.  Thermally stable up to 900c and thermal conductivity of 0.8 – 10 W m-1 k-1.

  • Wear resistance

    Extreme hardness, excellent adhesion and high compliance give superior wear protection against most wear counterparts. 

  • Extreme hardness

    Made mostly from the phase Corundum, the second hardest naturally occurring substance, gives Keronite extreme hardness of up to 2000HV.

  • Electrical insulation

    As a ceramic, Keronite is a natural insulator and can be used to give high levels of dielectric strength.  Dielectric breakdown up to 2kV.

  • Strain tolerance

    Due to the fine-scale porosity and non-uniform structure coupled with superb adhesion to the substrate, Keronite has excellent strain tolerance.  Young’s Modulus values of ~30Gpa.

  • Clean technology

    Using no organic compounds, VoCs, strong acids or heavy metals in the manufacture of Keronite means a REACH and RoHs compliant, Chrome-free coating to ensure you protect the environment while protecting your parts.

  • Fatigue performance

    With coating thicknesses starting at 5um you can be sure that there is minimal fatigue debit to your parts.  Conversely, because Keronite offers such good protection, you can often remove material from the parts saving additional weight and reducing costs.

  • Strong adhesion

    Because Keronite is a conversion process it is “grown” from the substrate, giving excellent adhesion, even on sharp radii.

  • Process versatility

    Everything about Keronite is tightly controlled and can be carefully designed to your specifications.  With a huge variety of characteristics available you can be sure Keronite meets your needs.

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REACH Compliance

REACH is a European Union regulation administered by ECHA adopted to improve the protection of human health and the environment from the risks that can be posed by chemicals, while enhancing the competitiveness of the EU chemicals industry.

While the legislation changes have been in the offing for nearly a decade, the impending ban on the use of chrome from 2017 in particular is providing a real impetus to develop alternative solutions.

Because the substances controlled by REACH are used routinely in surface treatments, it puts a large amount of pressure on companies using treatments such as Chromic Acid Anodise, Dichromate sealers, Hard Chrome plating, Chromic conversion coatings such as Alodyne, Alocrom and Chromate based paints or primers to find replacements fast.

With no REACH controlled substances, strong acids, heavy metals or VoCs involved in our manufacturing process, you can be sure that using Keronite coatings allow you to give long-term chrome-free compliance with this directive.

For more information about REACH, please visit the ECHA website echa.europa.eu/addressing-chemicals-of-concern


Surface solutions for corrosive environments

Keronite Protect is our most corrosion-resistant coating

Keronite Protect


Surface solutions for superior wear protection

Keronite Endure helps your parts to endure wear in the harshest environments

Keronite Endure


REACH compliant surface solutions that help protect our environment

An environmentally-friendly, chrome-free surface treatment available on aluminium, magnesium or titanium

Keronite Sustain


Surface solutions for electrical management.

Keronite Power is all about managing electrical properties of the coating

Keronite Power


Surface solutions for Thermal performance

Keronite Thermal offers heat-resistant coatings for aluminium, magnesium or titanium alloy parts

Keronite Thermal


Surface solutions that enhance look, feel and performance

Vista is our name for the Keronite range of coatings that enhance the look and feel of your aluminium, magnesium or titanium products

Keronite Vista