Surface solutions for superior wear protection.

Keronite Endure helps your parts to endure wear in the harshest environments. With extreme levels of hardness, coupled with excellent adhesion and high compliance due to Keronite’s unique surface structure, Keronite is perfect for preventing erosion and corrosion of your light alloys.
Keronite’s performance can allow you to replace heavy metals such as steel with aluminium, magnesium or titanium components, reducing manufacturing cost as well as weight penalties. Additionally, Keronite Endure is harder than many typical wear counterparts such as steel, glass and sand so it could extend the life of your parts many times over.

Keronite Endure

Keronite Endure is used in many different applications such as aircraft bearings, engine components, oil & gas compressors, industrial drilling systems and even satellites. If you’d like to know more, please contact us

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Wear resistance

Extreme hardness, excellent adhesion and high compliance give superior wear protection against most wear counterparts. 

Extreme hardness

Made mostly from the phase Corundum, the second hardest naturally occurring substance, gives Keronite extreme hardness of up to 2000HV.

Strain tolerance

Due to the fine-scale porosity and non-uniform structure coupled with superb adhesion to the substrate, Keronite has excellent strain tolerance.  Young’s Modulus values of ~30Gpa.

Strong adhesion

Because Keronite is a conversion process it is “grown” from the substrate, giving excellent adhesion, even on sharp radii.