Surface solutions for corrosive environments.

Keronite Protect is our most corrosion-resistant coating. Through the development of a well adhered and chemically passive surface structure we believe Keronite offers superior corrosion protection for light alloys such as aluminium, magnesium and titanium.
Because Keronite is an inert ceramic conversion process we can grow a ceramic surface from your substrate that is extremely well adhered. Add the dense structure and its inert nature and Keronite provides the ideal protection of your alloys from the elements. The fine microstructure and surface texture of Keronite Protect, also makes an ideal key for almost any topcoat, paint or bonding system. High adhesion of the topcoat creates a duplex or triplex system that can offer unrivalled corrosion protection in the most difficult environments.

Keronite is an inorganic, non-reactive coating so it’s suitable to protect your parts from corrosion in both elemental environments as well as from corrosive gases and liquids.

With the Keronite coating system we can design a coating to your specification and even carry out testing and development for you.

Keronite Protect

Keronite Protect is used in many different applications such as a pre-treatment for paint in aerospace, marine defence parts, undersea vehicles, industrial exhaust systems and semi-conductor manufacturing. If you’d like to know more, please contact us

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Chemical stability

Dense, inert ceramic structure gives excellent chemical stability and corrosion protection.  In excess of 2000 Hrs Salt spray ASTM B117.

Strong adhesion

Because Keronite is a conversion process it is “grown” from the substrate, giving excellent adhesion, even on sharp radii.

Process versatility

Everything about Keronite is tightly controlled and can be carefully designed to your specifications.  With a huge variety of characteristics available you can be sure Keronite meets your needs.