REACH and RoHS compliant surface solutions that help protect our environment.

Keronite Sustain is an environmentally-friendly, chrome-free surface treatment available on aluminium, magnesium or titanium.

New rules on the use of heavy metals, VoCs and strong acids is forcing companies using treatments such as chromic acid anodise, dichromate sealers, hard chrome plating, chromate conversion coatings such as Alodyne, Alocrom and chromate based paints or primers to find replacements fast. Keronite is the answer.
With no heavy metals, VoCs or strong acids, Keronite has a REACH compliant family of coatings that will ensure you comply with legislation for years to come.

With all the benefits of Protect and Endure, Keronite Sustain offers you superior corrosion and wear protection, while keeping you compliant with the latest environmental regulations.

Keronite Sustain

Keronite Sustain is being used in many applications as the best chrome-free, REACH and RoHS compliant surface solution. If you’d like to know more, please contact us

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Clean technology

Using no organic compounds, VoCs, strong acids or heavy metals in the manufacture of Keronite means a REACH and RoHs compliant, Chrome-free coating to ensure you protect the environment while protecting your parts.