Surface solutions for Thermal performance.

Keronite Thermal offers heat-resistant coatings for aluminium, magnesium or titanium alloy parts with a range of thermal conductivities available depending on whether you are seeking thermal transmission or a thermal barrier. With the natural heat-resistant properties of a ceramic, Keronite provides maximum protection in thermal applications and environments. Unlike other ceramic coatings, Keronite Thermal has relatively high compliance, giving strong adhesion over a wide temperature range so it does not spall or crack under thermal expansion or contraction.

Keronite Thermal is a coating that can help to provide thermal management whilst retaining the wear and corrosion protection properties typical of Keronite coatings.

Keronite Thermal

Keronite Thermal is used in many different applications such as semi-conductor, aerospace, satellite, electronics, moulding, oil & gas and even on frying pans. If you’d like to know more, please contact us.

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Thermal management

Thermal transmission or thermal barrier can be provided by varying composition of the coating.  Thermally stable up to 900c and thermal conductivity of 0.8 – 10 W m-1 k-1.

Strain tolerance

Due to the fine-scale porosity and non-uniform structure coupled with superb adhesion to the substrate, Keronite has excellent strain tolerance.  Young’s Modulus values of ~30Gpa.