Surface solutions that enhance look, feel and performance.

Vista is our name for the Keronite range of coatings that enhance the look and feel of your aluminium, magnesium or titanium products. These coatings have been specially designed with appearance in mind.

Due to the micro-porosity of the surface layer of Keronite it has low reflectance (~0.1%) giving it a uniform matte appearance with a smooth ceramic touch. Conversely, careful polishing may be used to create an attractive and scratch-resistant high gloss surface.

Keronite Vista is available in natural Black or White ceramic forms, or in any colour on the RAL scale by addition of a sealer. Moreover, Keronite Vista retains many of the benefits, such as wear resistance, corrosion protection and UV stability of the other Keronite variants so it can be both functional and beautiful.

Keronite Vista

Keronite Vista can be found on bicycle accessories, mobile phones, satellites, electronics and many other applications. If you’d like to know more, please contact us

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Clean technology

Using no organic compounds, VoCs, strong acids or heavy metals in the manufacture of Keronite means a REACH and RoHs compliant, Chrome-free coating to ensure you protect the environment while protecting your parts.

Strong adhesion

Because Keronite is a conversion process it is “grown” from the substrate, giving excellent adhesion, even on sharp radii.

Process versatility

Everything about Keronite is tightly controlled and can be carefully designed to your specifications.  With a huge variety of characteristics available you can be sure Keronite meets your needs.