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16th April 2019

How Keronite built a high-value sales pipeline through digital marketing

Thanks to an innovative new marketing strategy Keronite has repositioned itself as an elite material science company. In 2018, the company recorded more than £4m in revenue and saw a sharp increase in its profitability.

The success is significant, especially considering marketing limitations associated with the material science industry. Innate secrecy surrounding high tech projects makes it difficult for companies such as Keronite to utilise conventional marketing tactics; and the prevalence of non-disclosure agreements means the company is less able to exhibit previous projects and to demonstrate their worth to prospective customers.

Thanks to a company-wide rethink into its marketing and sales strategy, Keronite has sought to put customers at the heart of all its interactions. The customer-focused strategy has given the company greater influence over its client-base by placing emphasis on engaging customers early on, and interacting with them in meaningful ways.

Unlike traditional marketing tactics, which seek to promote products and services directly, Keronite’s strategy uses specialist content which addresses challenges faced by its prospective customers, such as engineers. Much of this content is executed to capture customer data, which helps the sales team to identify potential leads.

Keronite’s new approach also uses targeted marketing campaigns that are engaging rather than intrusive. This method helps the team get to know their customers better so they can identify quality leads and promote a relevant service.

The results speak for themselves. Over six months, Keronite have quadrupled their daily website impressions, greatly increasing opportunities for new customers. In 2 years, they’ve more than doubled their monthly website traffic and are generating 6.5 times as many leads, a huge amount of which are being passed to sales.

As it stands, Keronite’s marketing strategy proves that engaging with customers early, in a meaningful way, gets results. To find out more about Keronite’s innovative marketing and sales strategy, download the white paper below.


Corporate information Fueling the pipeline: Keronite's digital marketing strategy Free Download