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Shaping the future of lightweight alloy applications

Keronite’s advanced surface treatments are used in thousands of different applications across a diverse set of industries.

Extending Life & Reducing Weight

The premise behind our unique PEO metal coating is simple. It’s the science behind it that’s complex.

Our coatings offer two fundamental benefits:

  1. They extend the life of magnesium, aluminium and titanium components through a range of key characteristics unique to PEO. Our coatings are proven to be far superior to competing coatings such as anodising and thermal sprays.
  2. These improved performance characteristics facilitate the reduction in weight of a component and the wider use of light alloys in multiple industries.

Key characteristics

Keronite produce hard, dense and ceramic coatings for light alloys that can be carefully tailored to provide a combination of different characteristics.


Corrosion protection

PEO’s inert ceramic structure provides excellent natural chemical stability and corrosion protection. Coatings have exceeded 2000 hours in salt spray testing (ASTM B117).


Wear resistance

Through a combination of high hardness, strong adhesion and compliance, PEO delivers a complete wear resistant solution for components.


Thermal management

We have created coatings for thermal transmission (0.8 – 10 W m-1 k-1) and thermal barrier (up to 900℃) applications. PEO’s versatility enables select thermal management qualities.


Extreme hardness

PEO delivers up to 2000HV of hardness. PEO coatings are made with phase corundum, one of the world’s hardest natural elements.


Electrical insulation

Ceramic is a natural insulator, offering impressive dielectric breakdown performance (up to 20kV).


Strain tolerance

PEO’s irregular microstructure and fine-scale porosity adheres superbly to substrates. PEO provides Young’s Modulus values of around 30Gpa.


Clean technology

No organic compounds, VoCs, strong acids or heavy metals in sight. Our coatings tick all of the regulatory boxes.


Fatigue performance

PEO delivers ultra-precise coatings, with coating thickness starting at just 1μm. PEO’s layer structure and irregular pore structure aids fatigue performance, which means material can be removed to save additional weight.


Strong adhesion

Plasma electrolytic oxidation is a conversion process, which means the layer is formed from the substrate, providing exceptional adhesion and excellent coverage.


Process versatility

Keronite’s scientists can manipulate coatings through tightly controlling PEO processing parameters. Resultant coatings are hugely customisable, which means our scientists can create a coating that hits every goal of your brief.

What is PEO?

Keronite coatings use Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation (PEO) surface treatment technology.

PEO is an electrochemical surface treatment applied to aluminium, magnesium or titanium. Components are exposed to liquid electrolyte and an electrical potential is applied to form an oxide-based ceramic.

Learn more about PEO


Our solutions are already embedded in a wide range of applications across a vast number of industries.


Keronite works with leading semi-conductor equipment manufacturers supporting current needs with existing PEO solutions, as well as extensive R&D on next generation PEO solutions to enable technology advances in this sector.



Aerospace has always been at the cutting edge of materials innovations. Keronite are working with the industry to cut weight and increase component life.

Find out how we help get aeroplanes back in the air



Lighter materials make for quicker, more economic vehicles. Keronite are working closely with automakers to meet emissions targets by increasing life and reducing weight.

Read how PEO could be the future for lightweight brakes



We’re helping industry cut costs, increase uptime and maximise their efficiency through our bespoke coating solutions.

See how we’re helping factories reduce downtime

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Corrosion is an ongoing battle for the oil & gas industry. Keronite’s duplex coatings are extending oil & gas component life.

Read up on how Keronite compares to other surface solutions



Surfaces are integral for bone and cell adhesion. PEOs irregular pore structure accelerates and strengthens adhesion.

See how PEO is paving the way to successful implant treatments



Weight is a key concern for the defence sector. Thanks to developments in PEO technology, lightweight alloys are replacing heavier materials.

How Keronite is improving material technologies in the defence sector


Sports Equipment

Every ounce counts in elite sport. Keronite partner with leading sports performance brands to help their athletes break records and win championships.

Our materials scientists carefully compose a unique surface treatment for every one of our clients to provide the best possible solution.

Ask what we can do for your product

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