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3rd December 2018

Keronite earns AS9100 recertification

Keronite announce that both their Haverhill (UK) and Greenwood (US) facilities have been re-certified under the AS9100 aerospace quality standard.

AS9100 encompasses the entirety of the widely adopted ISO9001 quality standard, whilst adding over 100 additional requirements. These are specifically related to the aerospace industry and cover concerns such as; an increased focus upon efficient delivery, special risk management and the prevention of counterfeit parts.

AS9100 demands the development of meticulous business processes and culminates in rigorous external assessment. Compliance to this quality management system demonstrates Keronite’s keen commitment to delivering the highest standards to the aerospace industry.

Chief executive Matt Hamblin said the following:

Maintaining full AS9100 accreditation at both of our facilities was a key goal for us in 2018. We’re already working with a number of leading aerospace manufacturers within the industry and this certification will give them even more confidence in our ability to deliver. It also demonstrates to the wider industry our continued dedication to aerospace technology.

Keronite develop and mass-produce a highly advanced surface treatment for lightweight metals such as aluminium, magnesium and titanium. Keronite’s unique plasma electrolytic oxidation process is a patented clean technology that has been proven to be delivered at scale. Some of the many benefits of the surface treatment include excellent corrosion resistance, protection against dry sliding wear and both thermal and electrical insulation.

For more information about Keronite’s surface treatment technology, please explore our website or get in touch.


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