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29th July 2019

Keronite launch brand new, automated production line in Greenwood

Greenwood, US – 22nd July 2019 – Keronite can announce the opening of a new production line at its Greenwood facility. The addition of a new production line will greatly increase the company’s output of PEO coatings for magnesium customer products, in order to cater for accelerating demand.

The company has invested more than half a million dollars to complete the new production line – an initiative that comes following a period of significant revenue growth and industry interest in its magnesium coating technology.

The magnesium coating technology is highly sought by manufacturers as a method for pre-treating the metal as part of the overall duplex / triplex solution for magnesium use.

The use of magnesium has grown massively over recent years, particularly in the aerospace sector where lightweighting is essential for manufacturers to meet increasingly stringent CO2 targets.

Unlike chromium coatings (recently outlawed), Keronite’s PEO treatment provides an environmentally sound solution that, while outperforming chromium coatings, also achieves regulatory standards.

Commenting on the opening, Matt Hamblin (CEO, Keronite), said: “We are more than excited to announce the opening of our new production line in Greenwood. With the use of magnesium in the aerospace industry continuing to grow, Keronite are now best prepared to take on additional demand as well as win more market share from our competitors.”

To achieve scalability, predicated on 3.4% growth in the US aerospace sector between 2019 and 2020, the production line has been enhanced with semi-automated efficiency.

With a semi-automated production line, Keronite can execute production repeatability to high-quality standards and tolerances, whilst also beating customers commercial expectations on pricing to support them in reducing cost.

It’s all systems go for the recently launched PEO line, which is already producing parts that have met the high-quality standards necessitated by a ‘First Article Inspection Report’.

The production line not only enhances Keronite’s offering but also increases options for customers looking to utilise the benefits of lightweight magnesium. The current opportunity pipeline utilises circa 50% of capacity on the new line.

Keronite’s aim over the next 12 months is to grow revenues in sectors such as aerospace, military, automotive and medical sectors to 90%+.

To find out more about how Keronite are capitalising on the huge demand for specialist duplex coatings, please get in touch with Keronite’s commercial team.