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15th August 2021

Keronite receives certification boost ahead of NADCAP accreditation

15th August 2021 – Cambridge, UK – Keronite can today announce its success in receiving ISO-9001 and AS9100 (D) accreditation, underlying the company’s commitment to improving its processes, coating technologies and manufacturing efficacy.

The award of ISO-9001 highlights the company’s commitment to improving quality, reliability and customer satisfaction. The well-recognised certification comes as Keronite continues to grow its volume manufacturing base, demonstrating that the company has continued to improve its quality management processes whilst scaling this business and offering bespoke-to-application surface coatings.

Keronite also received notification of its re-award of the aerospace industry recognised AS9100. This standard further underlines Keronite’s commitment to the industry, serving many of the industry’s largest manufacturers with surface coatings that uniquely improve the performance of their components – enabling them to use light alloys in new, innovative ways that reduce weight and increase life.

The aerospace certification assesses Keronite’s processes and technologies in terms of their quality, consistency, reliability, safety and longevity.

“Our progress over the last 12 months, given the COVID-19 situation, has been testament to the hard work of the Keronite team. As well as finding new, agile working methods, we’ve been awarded these two certifications which demonstrate that we have managed to retain our world-class quality standards, going beyond the expectations of our customers.” – Matt Hamblin, Keronite CEO.

The company can also announce its plans to achieve full NADCAP approval for the plasma electrolytic oxidation (PEO) coating technology. The technology uniquely improves the performance of light alloys and is already in-use in some of the most testing applications for light alloys in aerospace.

NADCAP comprises a group of the world’s largest aerospace companies. The plans to achieve approval demonstrate Keronite’s commitment to the market and plans to collaborate further with the industry to develop coating technologies that enable the improved performance of aircraft, especially as the industry looks to create lightweight solutions that offer equivalent performance.

The company expects to be fully compliant with NADCAP’s approval process in Q1 2022. For more information about Keronite’s innovative PEO process, download the ‘What is PEO?’ white paper.