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19th August 2022

Keronite’s Ocular project celebrated by UK Space Agency

Keronite, the world leader in Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation (PEO) coating technology, proudly announces that it has been featured in the UK Space Agency blog.

The UK Space Agency celebrates innovations in space-based technologies, from with the groundbreaking James Webb telescope to the 2022 Space Propulsion Conference.

Keronite has a long-standing history in space technology. The company has previously collaborated with the European Space Agency and Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency on the BepiColombo satellite mission. Using the innovative PEO technology, Keronite coated satellite flight parts to provide extreme temperature resistance to maintain an optimal operating environment for the electronics onboard.

Written by Keronite CTO Robin Francis, the feature in The UK Space Agency is in light of the “successful completion of our Ocular project this year.” The project was a result of the “increasing demand for thermo-optical coatings for large and extra large components.” Ocular has demonstrated proof of concept, and has proven the capability of PEO coating for components such as “space cargo modules and extra-large telescopes.”

Keronite is pushing the boundaries of what is possible in spacecraft technologies and leading the charge in light metal coating technology. If you would like to get in touch or hear more about our history and capabilities with space technologies, contact us today.