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9th May 2019

Keronite addresses MTC’s Made for Space conference

Suman Shrestha, VP of Applications Engineering at Keronite, was invited to speak about recent developments in materials science at MTC’s space strategy summit: ‘The Made for Space Conference’.

The 2 day summit aimed to help UK industry take advantage of the huge growth in the space sector, which has trebled in size since 2000 and is expected to be worth £400 million by 2030.

Considering the projected growth, it is unsurprising that the summit attracted over 250 attendees; with companies eager to get ahead in the UK’s latest space race, particularly in the micro and small satellite market.   

Light alloys are expected to be the material of choice in this expanding market and, given its durability, Keronite’s advanced coating technology is an obvious match.

As a guest speaker, Suman highlighted Keronite’s unique position in space manufacturing; as well as educating the summit on the potential of Keronite’s Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation technology within the industry.

The talk detailed key challenges faced by the industry and the problems that cannot be overcome using conventional coating methods.

Suman also talked about how close collaboration between manufacturers and material science companies early on might be necessary in the face of new challenges.

The international nature of the event reflects the enormity of the global market and the necessity for advanced manufacturing to address the next generation of space hardware.

Keronite have a long history of building solutions with OEMs in the space market and the event’s attendance demonstrated scope for further innovations.

What is clear, at this stage, is that Keronite’s advanced surface treatment technology ensures hardware is, indeed, made for space.